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Vacation in Croatia

Are you planning a vacation to Croatia? Then we have the perfect spot for you!

Outside the old beautiful city of Zadar on the dalmatian coast you board a ferry boat that will take you to one of the outer islands in this wonderful archipelago. The trip takes less then 2 hours and you can bring your car as well. If you travel to Zadar by air then you can take a faster smaller boat that will bring you to our island of Dugi Otok in about 45 minutes.

We run a small bed & breakfast in the picturesque port town of Sali located on the south end of Dugi Otok. It is a family run business so you will feel very welcome once you arrive. To find out more about how to get here or all the activities we have to offer, please look through our site and if you still have any questions use our contact form and we will get back to you promptly.

Our house is located in the heart of Sali with a wonderful view of the harbor. You can find pictures of the house and rooms here.

About our island of Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok (Croatian for “Long Island Italian: Isola Lunga) is an island in the Adriatic Sea, part of Croatia. It is located off the Dalmatian coast, west of Zadar.

It is the largest and eastern-most of the Zadarian Islands, and derives its name from its distinctive shape (it is 45 km long by 5 km wide). Its elevation reaches 300 m; many of its higher portions contain stands of Maritime Pine. The western coast is tall and rugged, and many of the towns are clustered on the eastern side.

These include Sali, the largest, and Božava, Dragove, Soline, Brbinj, Luka, Polje, Verona, Savar, Veli Rat, Zaglav, and Žman. A nature park, Telašćica covers southern part of the island and is adjacent to Kornati national park.

The village of Veli Rat is also home to the lighthouse at Veli Rat another spectacular sight.
There are eleven villages concerned primarily with fishing, although salt was once produced here. This beautiful island, with a Mediterranean climate and Italian culture, receives very few visitors. Olive oil, figs, cheese and wine accompany the seafood in the natives' diet.

A definite step back in time, the island boasts an ancient pre-Roman church and some Roman ruins. It is in close proximity to Kornati National Park.

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